School Initiatives

Engineering Students in ClassHERITAGE HABITS
During the 2012-13 school year, Heritage implemented "Heritage Habits" — guidelines that clearly lay out expectations for how students should behave in school, on the bus, and in the greater community. The list of Habits was written by Heritage teachers after they discussed ways to better communicate with students about their expectations for good conduct. Heritage principals worked with teachers to define the guidelines and the themes of HABITS — Honesty, Attitude, Behavior, Integrity, Teamwork and Success. 

Students are introduced to the Habits at the beginning of the school year, and are reminded about them by Heritage Habits posters that are located in each classroom, in hallways, on video monitors, in the restrooms, cafeteria, and even on school buses. Heritage Habits have helped create a respectful and orderly learning environment that helps encourage students’ academic success. Read more about Heritage Habits.

LIVEGREEN is the district wide sustainability program that promotes energy saving and recycling initiatives. Each school throughout the district has a LIVEGREEN team. Learn more about Heritage's LIVEGREEN Team.

To actively engage students, staff and families in physical activity and healthy eating, the District has implemented a Wellness program. Representative from throughout the district work together on the Wellness Committee to promote nutritional and exercise initiatives. Learn more about Wellness in School District 197.

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