School Counseling


Middle school is an exciting yet challenging time for students, their parents and teachers. Middle school counselors are educators uniquely trained in child and adolescent development, learning strategies, self management and social skills. (ASCA)

At Heritage, our school counselors work collaboratively to remove barriers to students’ learning and growth through teaching skills and empowering students to achieve their full potential.  

We believe all students are capable of doing great things and making this world a better place!



-Identify students’ academic and social/emotional needs

By establishing relationships with students through getting to know their interests, hobbies, and strengths, school counselors are able to identify students’ needs and set up supports for growth and assist in removing barriers to learning. 

-Provide any necessary interventions

-Individual counseling sessions 

-Small groups

Big brothers, big sisters, self-esteem

-Classroom guidance lessons:

Bullying, social media usage, sexual health


Request an appointment for your student

Ms. Erin Burns
651-403-7487 l

Ms. Shannon Moore, grades 7 and 8
651-403-7529 |

Mr. Perry Tinjum, grades 5 and 6
651-403-7525 | 

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Sharing Hope/Compartiendo Esperanza (Mental Health/Salud Mental)

iPAD Tips for Parents: 

**Know if your student has personal email accounts. Check these with your student on a regular basis. Make sure you look in their "TRASH".
Their school email account is NOT a personal email account. It is to be used only for educational purposes.

**The iPad should only be used in a common area of the house, not in a student's bedroom. It should be an area where people will be walking through or sitting with the student so you can see they are using it only for school work.

**At night it is best if iPad is stored or set up to "charge" in a common area, or put it in your bedroom at night. This way your student is not tempted to use it improperly at night.

Consejos de iPAD para padres:

** Sepa si su estudiante tiene cuentas de correo electrónico personales. Verifique esto con su estudiante de manera regular. Asegúrese de mirar en su "TRASH".
Su cuenta de correo electrónico de la escuela NO es una cuenta de correo electrónico personal. Se debe utilizar solo con fines educativos.

** El iPad solo debe usarse en un área común de la casa, no en la habitación de un estudiante. Debe ser un área donde la gente paseará o se sentará con el estudiante para que pueda ver que lo está usando solo para el trabajo escolar.

** Por la noche, es mejor si el iPad está almacenado o configurado para "cargarse" en un área común, o ponerlo en su habitación por la noche. De esta manera, su estudiante no está tentado a usarlo incorrectamente por la noche.

The EXPLORE Test is ACT's 8th grade version which includes a projection of how your student would do on the ACT college entrance exam.