Heritage Students Enjoy BOB Cafe
Heritage Students Enjoy BOB Cafe
Posted on 02/03/2020

                     BOB cafe 

BOB Cafe is a unique part of Heritage's Battle of the Books. Parents read the Battle Books and list the foods that are important in the books. Parents then bring the foods, set up and serve the cafe. All students who are participating in the Battle of the Books are invited to the cafe, where they can sample foods from the books. This year's cafe included:
  • Apple slices and juice pouches from The Loser's Club
  • Bulgur Pilavi from Towers Falling
  • Twinkies from Lemons
  • Donuts and fruit from Cylcone
  • Sweet Potato Pie from New Kid
  • Mac and Cheese from Booked
  • Turkey Jerky from The End of the Wild
  • Cereal (that the main character complained looked like sticks, seeds, and bark) from Lemons
  • Canned Sausages from Miles Morales Spider Man
  • JoJo Potatoes from Piecing Me Together
  • Culab Jamun from Amina's Voice
  • Empanadas and grapefruit from Merci Suarez Changes Gears
  • Mangos from Greetings From Witness Protection